Childhood memories with lasting impressions

By LightField Studios

Sugar Crisps are the real Breakfast of Champions. Ask any 10 year old, and they will tell you the same. Nothing tops it — not even my favorite southern breakfast: grits, scrambled eggs, and buttered toast or my great grandma’s hotcakes fried in a cast-iron skillet top with butter and…

What you find will lead the way

When writing is your passion, reading helps you to discover your voice and style. Photo Credit: Monkey Business Images

Time to Clean House

Overwhelmed by the number of books stacked in the corner, I knew it was time to clean house. I gently removed layers of dust with a damp cloth. Underneath were bright book covers, catchy titles, and the names of authors who introduced me to new possibilities. Langston Hughes and Maya…

Is there a right way to do it?

Work from home never ends. No matter how late an email or text arrives, I am obligated to respond. Employers do not complain when employees reply to emails at 10:00 PM but they reward the negative behavior with praise, “I appreciate your dedication and hard work.” …

Stacy Johnson

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