Oct 17, 2022

Lasting childhood memories

Photo by M Mahbub A Alahi: https://www.pexels.com/photo/mans-hands-in-cement-9762068/

Once when we were young, we made mud pies in the sun, seasoned with leaves and berries from the bush that we knew not to eat.

We gathered small twigs and broke them in half to make candles
lit with tiny hands and fingertips glowing fire.




Connecting to self

Photo by Ian Cameron, artwork by Stacy Johnson © 2022

My preferred attitude adjuster, mood enhancer, and problem solver. Whatever situation I faced, sometimes right, wrong, or maybe indifferent, I elevated or stomped it to dust on the dance floor. Melted it away in sweat and scrubbed it from my body with a loofah and lavender soap.

Good vibes…