Changing Direction

Stacy Johnson
1 min readSep 12, 2022

Our internal navigation system

Photo by Stacy Johnson

I wish there were a life navigation system on our phones, tablets, or laptops. That way, we would know when to make decisions that completely change our direction toward living better lives. “Poor decision warning, say no to people pleasing. Press “change” to be rerouted to a happier life or press “continue” to or stay on your current trajectory of spending the next five years digging yourself out of emotional depletion.”

As humans, we sometimes make bad decisions even when we know there is a strong possibility that the odds are not in our favor. Just because someone asks for your time and talent, the decision to agree or disagree remains with us. Listen to that quiet voice or uneasy feeling lurking within, telling you to run in the opposite direction. It knows best. It’s our alarm system that tells us which way to go. But how many times have you ignored it, hit snooze, or unplugged it? Stop it. It’s time to listen to yourself and make the tough decisions, especially when you don’t want to.